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Dirty Carpet From Asphalt Lots

Dirty Carpet From Asphalt Lots

orbital pad extraction cleaning dirty carpet of asphaltAsphalt is a sticky, black semi-solid form of petroleum. That sticky tar eventually ends up on the bottom of your shoes. And then ground into your carpet. Asphalt parking lots and driveways wreak havoc on carpets. As the  black oils get tracked in on soles of your shoes, the result is dirty carpet. After that everyone knows exactly where everyone else has been on your carpet. From the front door to the great room – from the back door to the kitchen. It does not take a world class tracker detect your carpet traffic patterns.

Asphalt driveways and parking lots can contribute to the staining of your carpet floors in your home or business if you’re not diligent about taking off your shoes at the door. You track in the oils from asphalt drives, as well as asphalt driveway sealer, if you leave your shoes on and walk around the house. You could insist that all the visitors to your home or business remove their shoes after tramping in from the asphalt parking lot. But what an inconvenience! 

How to Remove Asphalt From Carpet

The best solution is to call Lion’s Pride Carpet Care for your residential or commercial carpet cleaning needs.  Oils and grime from asphalt lots is still no match for our Orbital Pad Extraction (OPE) cleaning system! See the results for yourself.

Orbital Pad Extraction is our “Green” low-moisture cleaning system. Encapsulation solution “traps” and crystallizes soil. The Orbital Pad Machine gently “scrubs” carpet fibers with a super absorbent cotton pad which removes the crystallized soil. Carpet fibers are cleaned and rejuvenated.

Here are the advantages and benefits of this system:

-Very Fast Dry Times
-Hygienically Clean Carpets
-Safe for you, your children, pets, customers, and employees
-Uses minimal water (10 times less than HWE)
-No extra for deodorizing…carpets smell fresher longer
-We get stains out that other carpet cleaners don’t
-Spots won’t come back, no wick-backs
-Carpet stays cleaner longer
-Fewer carpet cleanings required in the future
-No sticky residue to attract soil
-Low-moisture means no risk of mold or mildew
-No air pollution, noise pollution, or water pollution