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Lion’s Pride Free Custom Spotter

IMG_0138.JPG (2) Get a bottle of Lion’s Pride Carpet Care free custom spotter as a gift with quality carpet clean. Our new custom professional strength carpet spot cleaner & deodorizer is easy for homeowners.

-A revolutionary “Bio-Based”  blend that is more than 99% readily biodegradable.
– Removes many spots and stains on carpet and upholstery other spotting agents leave behind.
– Prevents most reappearing stains.
– Cleans & Deodorizes yet contains no solvents, acids, or known hazardous materials.
– No Rinsing required……..


We will even show you exactly how to use it sucessfully to remove any “accidents” that may happen after we leave. Schedule a cleaning today!

Safe Carpet Cleaning Solution

Safe Carpet Cleaning Solution

Safe Carpet Cleaning Solution from Lion’s Pride Carpet Care

Lion’s Pride Carpet Care specializes in “Green Cleaning.” What does this mean exactly? Our OPE (Orbital Pad Extraction) cleaning system is the best in the business! It uses an environmentally safe carpet cleaning solution that is also hypoallergenic, which means that it will not cause any allergic reactions. It is a low-moisture system which uses virtually a tenth of the water of hot water extraction systems. No more saturated carpets that take days to fully dry! No dumping dirty water back into the environment!  For more info and benefits on this awesome cleaning system, see our “Services” page under “Carpet.”

Certified Carpet Cleaners

IICRC certified carpet cleaners

We are carpet cleaning specialists thanks to our association with the IICRC. Our technicians at Lion’s Pride Carpet Care & Restoration are IICRC certified carpet cleaners. This means they have attended the highest level of education in the business and received credit for such. This should instill confidence in our customers that we take pride in our work and can take care of their needs in a truly professional way.

The best way to maintain a cleaner and healthier home is to augment your regular cleaning and vacuuming with regular visits from an experienced certified professional. For those jobs that require special care — like carpet and upholstery cleaning, stain removal, and the maintenance of hardwood floors and tile floors — only a certified technician will deliver the results you want and the assurance can trust. In order to achieve IICRC-certified status, firms must meet a rigorous list of standards in business ethics and expertise.

When it comes to cleaning, restoration and inspection, the IICRC writes the books

As an ANSI-accredited standard-development organization, the IICRC has led the way in establishing the main industry standards and reference guides for professional carpet cleaning, upholstery and fabric cleaning, water damage restoration and mold remediation.

These standards are reviewed and updated at least every five years. Many of these fields, such as the water damage restoration field, change rapidly and those who are certified keep up with the advancement of the science and generally accepted practices of the industry.

The IICRC is a certification and standard-setting nonprofit organization for the inspection, cleaning and restoration industries. Serving the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and Japan, in partnership with regional and international trade associations, the IICRC represents the entire industry. The IICRC is recognized internationally as a knowledgeable industry voice and resource.

In addition to vacuuming, cleaning and checking for water damage on a regular basis, using a certified technician for cleaning will help extend the life of your flooring and upholstery and ensure that your home or business is healthful for those who live and work there.

Certified Carpet Cleaners Values

Respect – We will treat everyone we encounter in our interactions through the IICRC in the same manner we would wish to be treated.

Responsible – We will work to assure that the obligations and stated goals of the IICRC are met in a timely fashion.

Integrity – We will establish and maintain a culture characterized by honesty, high values and exceptional standards of conduct.

Excellence – We will accept nothing less than the best in leadership, quality and service.

Expert – We will continue to build a reputation as a leading carpet cleaning authority in our community and the industry.

Using CRI Approved Products

It’s good to know that Lion’s Pride uses many CRI approved products. These have been tested by the CRI as quality cleaning solutions that are safe and equipment that is exceptionally efficient. These products are typically the best in the industry and usually cost more. We’re proud to use CRI approved products because ultimately it means we care about our customers and take pride in our work.